Programs & Campaigns

  1. Step Up Program
    SCAF partnered with the Step Up Program to carry out free genotype testing in Lagos. It a skills acquisition program initiated by the wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Osinbajo that trains men and women of all ages in sewing, bag making, flower arrangements and event decoration.
    SCAF carried out free genotype tests and counselling for the Trainees in various local governments in Lagos over two weeks. It was a very successful program and a partnership we hope to continue in the future.

2. Know Your Genotype (KYG) Campaign: In 2016, the KYG Campaign, a pilot initiative of the

Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation (SCAF) was targeted at conducting a total of 5,000 free genotype tests across 5 focal states. Persons discovered to have Sickle Cell Disorders (SCD) are placed on our Drug Delivery Plan, and those with the trait are sent regular reminders. In total SCAF was able to conduct 2,500 tests in Abuja, Lagos, Delta, Kaduna, Niger and Nassarawa state.

2. Blood Drive:

The primary aim of the blood drive campaign has been to encourage youths to play active roles in saving lives through donating blood periodically. In 2016, we set up the Haima Health Initiative with the sole purpose of creating a first of its kind online database of regular blood donors in Nigeria. Haima started a project under SCAF but is now a full independent entity. SCAF and Haima carried out 3 Blood Donation Drives in Lagos, and 4 in Abuja, realizing a total of 220 pints of blood which was subsequently donated to the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service and National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS);

 14th May 2016. Awele Blood Memorial Drive.
 30th January 2016 New Year Blood Drive, Abuja
 14th of February Love Drive, Lagos
 14th May 2016 Awele Memorial Blood Drive, Abuja
 4th June 2016 Pre-Ramadan Blood Drive, Lagos
 6th August 2016 Rotary Club Blood Drive, Lagos
 17th December, 2016 Sickle Cell NGO’s Blood Drive, Abuja  12th November, 2016 at Agon, Abuja.

2. SCAFLympics:

Our annual Olympic styled event aimed at encouraging healthy living by encouraging young people to partake in sporting activities, whilst creating awareness to the health challenges of Sickle Cell Disorders. It also presents an opportunity for us to raise funds through sale of SCAF merchandise, vendor spaces and event tickets. The event took place on the 24th of September 2016 at the Old Parade Ground in Abuja. It had a good turnout and the event raised funds for the cause.

c) Nigerian Law School Bwari: SCAF still maintains a team at the Nigerian Law School in Bwari where it was first conceived. This is the 6th year of students raising awareness and funds for sickle cell within the local community. The students successfully carried out their own SCAFlympics, drug drive, and touch of red with the co-operation of the law school administration.

d) Sickle Cell Club Scheme: The SCAF team completed its Sickle cell club handbook to be used to create sickle cell clubs in secondary schools. It was piloted in Ibadan where the senior secondary students are adopting the new curriculum. The book will be officially launched in 2017 and introduced to 20 secondary schools approved by the Federal Ministries of Health and Education, as well as the FCT Secondary Education Board. A National essay competition will also be launched to enhance early knowledge about sickle cell and blood health.

e) Beneficiary Support: SCAF had its largest fundraising for beneficiaries in 2016 in response to the continued requests for financial support for surgeries. The first beneficiary Mofesola Abisagbo needed a bi-lateral hip replacement surgery. The surgery was paid for in two sections at a total of N3.25 million and performed by Nikea Consults at Reddington Hospital in Lagos. Unfortunately, Mofe passed away after the second surgery in November 2016 due to post-surgical complications. The second beneficiary was Hafsat Mohammed who had her right leg amputated due to osteomalayitis of the fermul head. She was also recommended for a hip replacement surgery on the left leg. She needed N5 million to buy a prosthetic leg and potentially undergo a hip replacement procedure, which we were able to raise. We purchased a prosthetic hip for N3.3million and she is currently undergoing physiotherapy, learning how to walk with it. The hip replacement is scheduled for 2017 after she has successfully completed the process. Thirdly, Solomon Ugwu needed a procedure for Chronic osteomyelitis in his right calcaneum which he has successfully undergone at a Camek Orthopaedic Hospital in Abuja. We paid N287,000 in total for his procedure leaving his hip replacement for his right hip outstanding for a total of about N1.5 million due in 2017. The total amount spent on beneficiaries’ surgery in 2016 was Six million eight hundred and thirty-seven thousand naira (N6,837,000).