Messages from the Executives.


This year marks a 101 years since the discovery of Sickle Cell by Dr. James Herrick. It also marks the 1st year since the incorporation of our organization.  When we decided to incorporate SCAF, as the Founder I was engaged in resourceful thinking about what our vision would be and how best we can reach and serve the people we aim to assist.  This exercise was an emotional and tasking one but with research into the system and working with a wonderful team, we were able to reach a common ground as to how best to plough on knowing that there are individuals who rely heavily on the foundation to enhance their quality of life.
Where will we be in the next 5 years? We cannot foresee the future but our vision is clearly stated; “A Nigeria free of Sickle Cell Anaemia and an excellent standard of healthcare service for those already living with the condition”. Our success in these coming years would however depend on how we are judged by the people we work to serve – Sickle Cell sufferers. Our success is also determined by people who have toiled to bring the Foundation this far, there is no doubt that their spirit of innovation, compassion, resilience and dedication has brought the Foundation this far and would take us even further.

Very recently we changed our motto from “hopeful existence” to “hopeful living” in realization of the fact that there is great disparity between living and simply existing. And we believe that with hope, Sickle Cell sufferers can live a normal life. We remain ever grateful to our sponsors who have shown concern financially and emotionally. Their assistance has kept us going.

After 101 years since the discovery of Sickle cell and a year post the incorporation of the Foundation, our vision still remains our focus. A Nigeria, where Sickle Cell sufferers live hopefully.

President (Lagos) Message

Bukola Borinwa

The Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF) has grown tremendously in its 5 years of existence, from an extra curricular club in the Nigerian Law School, to one of the most influential sickle cell NGO’s in Nigeria.Our goal is twofold, firstly, to ensure that every Nigerian is aware of their genotype and is thus able to make informed decisions when it comes to having children and passing on the sickle cell gene. More importantly, we aim to ensure that people living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) receive the best possible healthcare to improve their quality of life. 

Having lost two of our members, Awele and Nura, to sickle cell in the last two years, I am acutely aware of the huge lapses in healthcare delivery and support systems for SCD warriors in Nigeria. 

SCAF is youth centred, with most of our executive, volunteers and donors all below 35. This allows us target the young population as they are in the position to make informed decisions that affect SCD in the future. I encourage you to support us in any way you can toBreak the Sickle Cycle and createHopeful Living for SCD Warriors.

President (Abuja) Message

Kanayo Nwankwo

The Dream of the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF) is that no child is birth inheriting sickle cell anaemia and persons living with the disorder have access to Quality and affordable Health care services. In other achieve this goal, SCAF has established numerous initiatives that aims to promote wide spread awareness of Sickle Cell thus reducing birth and mortality rate attributed to sickle cell anaemia.