‘B Positive’ campaign Powered by NHS and MOBO Awards

NHS Blood and Transplant have teamed up with the MOBO Awards to launch the ‘B Positive’ campaign. The focal point of the campaign is a 60 strong choir who are performing at various events and locations….

 culminating at a performance at the MOBO awards on Wednesday 29th November.

The choir comprises of people either who live with sickle cell, or who have family and friends affected by the condition and takes its name from the blood type that is more common among the black population.

The campaign aims to drive registrations of much needed new blood donors, in particular targeting younger generations and those from black communities, who are more likely to have genetic blood conditions, such as sickle cell disease, which requires regular blood transfusions.

You can watch the making of the choir: https://youtu.be/QMi-QII2Gn0
Davinia story https://youtu.be/ks4489hORpE

Feel free to share the links to promote blood donation.

NHS Blood and Transplant needs 200,000 new blood donors a year. They need a diverse mix of blood from people from a range of backgrounds to ensure they have the closest match for all communities.

Donating blood only takes an hour and can save up to three lives per donation.

Visit www.blood.co.uk to book an appointment to give blood.

Do something amazing. Giving blood, Saves lives.


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